Lifestyles are poorer, public expectations are higher, A and E visits are burgeoning – all compounded by an ageing population and budgets that have been ferociously slashed. No longer is evolution enough – for many, it’s a revolution that is needed.

Yet among the many challenges, is almost always opportunity. Innovation; not just in new products, devices and technology, but in age-old systems and thinking. These could and should be driving efficiencies and improvements, despite the pace of change.

TRL Healthcare is proud to stand by the side of health and life science organisations, consulting on and supporting an array of public and private projects spanning the healthcare community. Our projects are typically medium to long term, but we come into our own when delivering prompt and rapid turn-around services.

“My past career as a nurse placed me on the frontline of the challenges that our clients face. So while I strategize for change with a commercial mind, I implement with the hindsight of having been on the sharp end of change myself – the friction of external advisors, the barriers and the everyday ‘shop floor’ challenges are not to be underestimated. After all, your people are your most powerful asset. Having them on-board is a non-negotiable.” – Tom Lindley, Managing Director – TRL Healthcare


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