Our Services

Project by project, no two engagements are even remotely the same (something about our work that we revel in). Here are just some of the services we can help you with:

  • Consultation and market research
  • Planning and implementation
  • Evaluation and review
  • Current business review and evaluation.
  • New business development and planning.
  • Operational and contingency planning.
  • Reviewing current customer engagement performance
  • Planning & implementing customer engagement strategies
  • Project managing customer engagement events
  • Data collation and review
  • Research and literature reviewing
  • Best practices
  • National & regional policy context review
  • Regulatory assurance reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Tender and bid writing
  • Funding application support
  • Clinical and commercial support and advice

We support businesses and public bodies

As an NHS organisation, we can help you become your leanest, most efficient self. Save money. Secure efficiencies. Do things faster, better, more effectively for productive, but protected health services.

How can you change the way you contract – the way you negotiate? What opportunities do you have for better patient flow? Our projects have reached across the full spectrum – from management of mattress rental, right through to completely endoscopy services, front door services and discharge activity.

We are sense-makers of data

Through analysis, we make sense of the data. By combining data sets and new technology we realise ground-breaking results in operational practice. We’ve applied this to nurse staffing arrangements, for safe staffing; we’ve undertaken full workforce reviews, for better time and resource allocation. We’ve looked at the performance of surgeons, analysing median case times for particular operations, to arrive at a strategy for optimal patient capacity.

We lead organisations to time and resources better spent.

We are implementers of change

There is power in collaboration. Among the ideas, vast experience and differing expertise are valued viewpoints that need to be heard. We channel them and ensure partnerships stay on track – everyone together – cohesive and focused on the end-goal.

We navigate market access and partnerships with the NHS

If you’re a private business, you need to navigate the fastest route to market, and forge strong connections with the NHS. You have a proven idea for a healthcare product that could transform treatments, medical sectors or departments. You need engagements and introductions.

This is dedicated development support – strategies for existing business and new organisations taking their first steps into the healthcare market. We can create the first connections, and then hand over to your teams, or manage the entire project from day zero onwards.

Looking for a First-Class Healthcare Management Consultant?