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We work in reverse where it makes sense to do so – inspecting what’s being done & the time that’s being spent by in-house nurses, health workers & executives. By understanding their tasks & time, we make connections as to how it can be better spent – outsourcing to our experienced associates where needed.

Bureaucracy can place a stranglehold on progress & make change cumbersome & clunky. We traverse the road blocks that red tape can create, while meeting pressing rules & regulations – for projects that don’t suffer delays.

We delight in data & a convergence of information. We look to multiple sources to gain a complete vision of where we are right now, & where we must be in the future. Then we set about consolidating – being ruthless in simplifying & streamlining all that this information tells us. Finally, the data is translated into something meaningful & concrete. We present actions & responsibilities – for clients who know what must be done, when, why & how.

We trust in tried and tested models. After all, this is public money we’re talking about – these are your taxes, and ours – it is the health of our health service, and that of its patients. And yet, this doesn’t mean shying away from embracing innovation. Indeed, it is technology that often holds the promise of the biggest efficiencies.

The past decade has forced the NHS through the biggest evolution in its existence. From top to bottom, those within it are rightly worried by not only this rate of change, but equally about planning & implementing improvements & change in their already hectic, pressurised days. Among these pressures are issues that jostle & contend for attention – there is rarely chance for uninterrupted strategic planning. Which is right about where we step in – to analyse & assess landscapes with a fresh pair of eyes & perspective.

More than 10 years experience supporting the NHS and wider healthcare community with their business challenges.


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